Sales management

“Campus has streamlined and simplified my daily tasks, helping me to increase sales by 24% in 6 months!”

Jackie Jackie O’Shea – Client Success Manager

Quick-fire quoting!

Create quotes in just 5 seconds, email it to your sales leads at the click of a button, and chase every lead at the right time with Campus's lead-notifications.

Generate a list of your own products/services, prices, and VAT rates. Then select your quoted item from a drop-down list, and Campus will automatically populate the quote form for you.

1-Click invoicing

Convert a quote into an invoice with one click. Then email it on to your customer from their Contact’s page... Job done!

Convert Quote

360° Sales history

All quotes and invoices are logged in your contact’s live-feed, so at any point in time you can see a complete history of what was quoted/sold, the price, and feedback from the contact.

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