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High Volume
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A contact is a named teacher/person in your Contact module of Campus. To qualify as a contact that person must have opted into receiving regular marketing/correspondence from you.

As the Campus user, you're able to add, update, or unsubscribe contacts at any time. To determine the right contact tier for your business, we suggest you add up the total number of opt-in contacts you have in your email marketing and CRM systems combined, plus 20% - so you have adequate space to start converting teachers into contacts using Campus's marketing tools instantly.

Registering your interest is super-easy. Just ping us an email - however, we'd recommend coming on over to Campus HQ for a live User Experiecnce Just click on any of the 'EXPERIENCE CAMPUS' buttons and book your slot. We'll be in touch.

Definitely! When you set up your account you can upload your own list of contacts and organisations into the Contacts & Organisations module within a few quick steps. Remember to check the size of your list does not exceed your plan's contact limit.

You're damn right it will! Although Campus was developed with sellers to schools in mind, we were sensitive to the fact that many of our clients also sell to other sectors outside of the education world. Campus has been designed to allow you to add your own business/consumer contacts directly into the Contacts & Organisations module; whilst the marketing tools permit you to produce combined or separate education/business sector marketing campaigns.

Of course, from within your account's settings you can change plan at any time. We will automatically recalculate any price changes and charge accordingly.

Affirmative. Campus contracts are billed annually by default. Clients who commit to using a full year of Campus will be much more successful marketers and sellers to schools in the long run. It's our simple aim to help you sell more to schools and so we want to encourage practices that help support that.

Not within your chosen plan's parameters. However, Campus's pricing is designed to scale with the size of your business, so we do ask our users to select a plan that will fit their requirements. This means purchasing enough contacts, email credits, and features to fit your marketing needs. If and when you are ready to step up to a more inclusive plan your price will change to reflect this. If you wanted specialist training on the app then this will incur additional costs.

A user is any person who uses the software. Users can be classed as Administrators, Managers, and Standard Users. Each has varying permissions within the app:

  • Administrator Permissions = Unrestricted access to account details, including ability to change plan.
  • Manager Permissions = Access to account details, but restricted from changing plans.
  • Standard User Permissions = Restricted access to account details.

Our different plans allow your business to have different numbers of Users.

  • Start-Up Plan = 3 Users
  • Growing Business Plan = 5 Users
  • Market Leader Plan = 10 Users
  • Enterprise Plan = 20 Users

Big time! Campus is not just a marketing and education data platform; it also works as your CRM. You can create and log invoices, quotes, follow-ups, correspondence, and much more. Meaning this one system will replace your separate CRM, email marketing, and sales/marketing systems, so you can run your business from one place.

Yes it will. Campus's email marketing module will allow you to send engaging email campaigns, whilst benefiting from instant education or contact list integration, and one-click personalisation. Of course the standard tracking and reports are provided as you would find in any top-notch emailing system.

Certainly! Our servers are housed in a high-security audited data centre local to our offices which includes 24 hours security, redundant power and cooling, active fire detection and suppression, and staffed 24×7 by senior systems and network engineers. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant and our databases are backed up daily.

Campus runs on a rolling 12 month contract. You can cancel your contract after any 12 month period.

There are also terms and conditions relating to the use of the software and its data which must be agreed to before setting up your Campus account. These can be found in our legal section here.

Don't worry we've built Campus so you don't get any scary price-hikes automatically. The app will firstly warn you if you are approaching your current plan's limits. Secondly, if you do reach that limit it will prevent you from exceeding it without your approval, giving you the chance to make an informed decision before moving up to a new plan.

Yes, we offer a variety of training options for an additional cost. Contact us to find out more.

In some circumstances we do offer High Volume plans, contact us for more details.

Yes, all accounts have a data export facility built in to export from the Contacts and Organisations, Sales and Quotes modules.

Book a slot on the Live Campus User Experience today, or find a flexible plan to suit you.

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