Campus is...

an education database, an email platform, a CRM, and a live sales funnel, so your business can operate from a single point.

  • All-In-One Solution
    Campus’s all-in-one sales & marketing software will gear your strategies to build a long term influx of repeat customers.
  • Education Database
    Segment schools/teachers into targeted marketing lists.
  • Contacts/Organisations
    Manage your contacts, then track and respond to their interactions with you.
  • Sales Management
    Log quotes, sales, payments, and send invoices directly from Campus.
  • Email Broadcasting
    Send engaging email campaigns to schools and your contacts.

Who should use Campus?

Business Directors
“Campus increased sales by 24% within the first 6 months and built better relationships with our clients."
Guy Lewis
Sales Reps
“My time is now focused on targeting leads that Campus automatically moves through our sales funnel. So I know who is ready to buy at any point in time.”
Jackie O’Shea
Client Success Manager
“I'm able to create relationship marketing strategies which will build long-term customers and brand champions.”
John Smith
Marketing & Content
Customer Service
“The contact's live-feed feature gives me a 360 degree view of a client, so I can start a conversation at their point of interest.”
Kelly Wright
Customer Happiness
Email Marketers
“The marketing list creation, import, email design and reporting work seamlessly, so I can send campaigns in a jiffy!”
Jen Elliott
Head of Coding
Data Managers
“Campus provides a pool of over 250k schools and teachers that are updated daily, so you always use accurate data.”
Pauline Lewis
Data Manager

Simplify your sales funnel

Campus’s time saving tools like touchpoints, lead scoring, and quote prompts help your sales team react rapdily to the right leads, at the right time.

This helps delight your customers with timely, relevant correspondence, and reduces wasted time chasing inactive leads.

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