Legal Stuff

The legal bits and pieces.


There are three important legal documents that you need to take note of. We recommmend reading them all carefully.

Terms of Service

This agreement applies to your Sprint Campus subscription, if you've got one. If you're a Sprint Campus customer or just thinking about becoming one, you should spend some time reviewing this as it forms part of the legal contract between you and us when you become a Sprint Campus user. Read more >

Acceptable Use Policy

If you are a Sprint Campus user, this is the document that clarifies what you are allowed to do with Sprint Campus and what you are not. Read more >

Education Data Use Policy

This is the text that needs writing. Read more >

Privacy and Cookie Policy

We created this privacy and cookie policy because we take your privacy seriously. The statement sets out, who we are, what information we collect from you, and how we use it. If you are a Sprint Campus customer, it also covers how we handle your contact's data. Read more >