Lead generation

“We built Campus to work as a live sales funnel so you target the right lead, at the key time.”

Ben Ben Lewis – Co-Founder

The sales funnel

Campus works as your automated sales funnel, so you can see where your leads are positioned (in your funnel), and which teachers are most likely to buy from you at any point in time. Giving you the power to approach each sales lead with relevant information to move them towards a point of sale.


Capture new leads and organically grow your contact lists using the Form Builder. Drive traffic to your forms to encourage teachers to register their interest in your business. Form data is automatically transferred into your Contacts module building a powerful list of fans and followers of your brand.

Lead scoring

Chase contacts that are furthest through your sales funnel by using Campus to award ‘lead points’ to contacts for completing certain goals, for example...

  • 10pts = Visit prices page
  • 15pts = Quote request
  • 20pts = Meeting request

Evaluate the lead scores to see which contacts are furtherest through your sales funnel, and most likely to buy at that point in time.

Lead Scoring

Web visits

Move contacts that visit your website through your sales funnel automatically. Campus will generate a unique string of code to drop into your website which will track when a contact visits a page on your site.

Campus will award ‘lead points’ to your contacts. E.g. a home page visit might score 5 points, but a sales page like a prices page could score 10 points.


Give your Sales Team the power to react instantly to your contacts’ interactions with your marketing or website.

Campus will notify you with a pop-up notification on your screen, so you can react quickly with relevent timely communications based on a sales lead’s actions.

Tracking code

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