How it all began...

It started with two brothers, one a teacher, the other a marketing expert.


Creating a game changer

Campus is developed by Sprint Education, an award winning digital agency that has pioneered digital and inbound marketing to the UK education sector since 2007 for the likes of the BBC, NHS, Manchester United, Cancer Research, Tesco, and Comic Relief.

After completing over 7,000 education sector marketing campaigns it became clear that many businesses attitude to marketing was to chase a quick sale and generate an instant flood of responses so their Sales Team could chase down another monthly sales target.

The problem was businesses seemed to be missing the fundamental point to creating a sustainable future - building a brand and strategy that generates a consistent inflow of sales and enquiries for months and years to come.

Knowing that this can only be achieved with access to the right data, software, and technical infrastructure, the team decided to take action and start creating a piece of software that would alter the way businesses sell to the education sector forever... a game changer was created!

We built it ourselves

By 2012 we had established Sprint as the UK’s leading education marketing agency, creating 36 million teacher connections for our clients annually.

But we still craved for a solution that could help businesses manage their own marketing strategies in-house so they could sell a shed-load more to schools.

The answer was simple; develop an application which could replicate the work of a full-time marketing team, but without the excessive costs of paying those staff salaries. However, putting that into practice was not so simple. So for the next 2 years we developed, completely in-house, the answer… Campus.

It was important we built Campus ourselves here in the UK, as we understand selling to schools better than anyone, and the software had to be sensitive to the subtleties of selling to this unique sector which only we specialise in.

Campus is ready to start changing your business’s future today.

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Guy Lewis
Sprint Education Co-Founder
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Ben Lewis
Sprint Education Co-Founder

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